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Modern Greek Cuisine

The ALATI experience is the pinnacle of new flavours and innovation, led by the unparalleled expertise of our celebrity chef for our modern Greek cuisine.

Join us on a culinary journey when you taste every dish, that celebrates the past while embracing the future, where the innovative twist in our dishes brings a fresh and exciting perspective to the rich tapestry of Greek Gastronomy!

from the aegean sea

Our Love for Seafood

ALATI, or salt form the ancient Greek word άλας, takes great pride in serving only the freshest produce by the hands of the fishermen at the Aegean Sea.

Experience the sensational flavour of Alati’s famous salt- baked fish, our culinary masterpiece that captivates with every bite.

Discover the magic of modern Greek flavours, expertly prepared to perfection and dive into a world of seafood delights at Alati!